D. Filing a Formal Complaint

A formal complaint is a document filed in writing by a complainant, or signed by the Title IX Coordinator, that alleges Prohibited Conduct against a respondent and requests that the College officially investigate and resolve the allegation. The formal complaint may be filed with the Title IX Coordinator in person, by mail, by electronic mail, by in-person delivery, or through the online reporting form and must contain the complainant’s physical or digital signature. In the instances when the Title IX Coordinator signs a formal complaint, the Title IX Coordinator is not a complainant or a party during a Formal Resolution, and must comply with requirements for any person involved in the response and/or resolution to be free from conflicts and bias. 

A formal complaint may be resolved through either an Informal Resolution or a Formal Resolution. Informal Resolution may only be offered after a formal complaint has been filed, so that the parties understand what the Formal Resolution entails and can decide whether to voluntarily attempt informal resolution as an alternative.

A formal complaint may be withdrawn if the complainant informs the Title IX Coordinator in writing that they want to withdraw the complaint or the allegations. The Title IX Coordinator may choose to withdraw a formal complaint if a respondent is no longer participating in or attempting to participate in the education or program activity of the College, the complainant submits a written request to withdraw the complaint, or specific circumstances prevent the College from gathering evidence sufficient to reach a determination. No matter the reason for the withdrawal of a complaint, the parties will be notified in writing of the decision, including the reasoning.