B. Request for Anonymity or No Action

The Title IX Coordinator will take all reasonable steps to respond, resolve, and remedy a report of Prohibited Conduct consistent with a complainant’s preferences where possible. Where a complainant makes a report but requests that a name or other identifiable information not be shared with the respondent or that no formal action be taken, the College will balance this request with its responsibility to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment for all Kenyon College community members. 

In considering a complainant’s request to take no action and evaluating whether to proceed, the Title IX Coordinator will assess and consider:

  • the preferences and concerns of the complainant;

  • the nature and circumstances of the allegation;

  • the severity and impact of the reported conduct;

  • pattern evidence or other similar conduct by respondent;

  • the respective ages of the parties, including whether the complainant is a minor (under the age of 18);

  • whether the respondent has admitted to the conduct;

  • whether the respondent has been the subject of other complaints or reports of Prohibited Conduct under this policy;

  • whether the respondent threatened further sexual violence or other violence against the complainant or others;

  • whether the report indicates that multiple respondents were involved;

  • whether the report indicates that the conduct was perpetrated with a weapon; 

  • whether the respondent is an employee; and,

  • whether the school possesses independent means to obtain relevant evidence (e.g., witnesses, security cameras or personnel, or physical evidence).

Where the College is unable to take action consistent with the request of the complainant, the Title IX Coordinator will inform the complainant about the chosen course of action, and implement necessary supportive measures.