XI. Complaint Resolution

When a formal complaint is filed, the complaint resolution process begins. Complaints may be resolved through either Informal Resolution or a Formal Resolution. The Title IX Coordinator will provide the complainant and the respondent with a written overview of resolution options and available resources. 

The College will conduct an initial assessment and determine the most appropriate manner of resolution under the policy. The College recognizes that in some circumstances, due to aspects of a particular case, strict compliance with the policy may create unexpected conflicts of interest or raise other concerns about the implementation of the process. The Title IX Coordinator is empowered to adjust the process, with notice to the parties, as necessary to provide a prompt and equitable process.

Resolution of a formal complaint will typically continue when a complainant separates from the College. If a respondent withdraws, resigns, graduates, retires, or otherwise departs from the College after the filing of a formal complaint and prior to decision, the Title IX Coordinator will determine whether to: (1) offer to the parties to seek/continue informal resolution; (2) discontinue the complaint process without a finding but with a respondent’s student file marked “withdrew pending disciplinary action” or their employee file marked “no rehire”; (3) continue the formal complaint process to its conclusion; (4) take other action deemed appropriate by the Title IX Coordinator.