Want to learn new technological tips and tricks? Interested in perfecting the skills you've developed for remote learning? The CIP has been holding Tech Tuesday sessions this year to discuss how to best incorporate technology into coursework.

Recordings of past Tech Tuesday sessions have been archived here for anyone who wasn't able to attend or who would like to revisit a session. 

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Collaborating with Slack (June 16)

Learn how Slack and other resources can be used to effectively manage group work. Track team members' progress with a Scrum board or Gantt chart, delegate project tasks with Trello, and use Slack to communicate with students as groups or individually. 

Get started on setting up a Slack account and discover how to create and manage project channels.

Session Recording: Planning Group Work
Session Recording: Getting Started with Slack

Teaching Annotation with Hypothes.is (June 23)

Discover how using Hypothes.is can make annotations easier for students and promote active reading. Create course groups in which students can share their annotations with their classmates and comment on each other's ideas, track what students are saying about a text, and use tags to organize responses. Turn readings into active assignments that can be evaluated and included in a student's course progress.

Session Recording: Annotation with Hypothes.is

How to Plan an Instructional Video (June 30)

Discuss the considerations that go into planning a series of instructional videos. Learn how to efficiently break up your workflow, decide which method of content delivery is best for you, become familiar with online resources for design and setup, and explore how to make your series accessible. Make your videos interactive by incorporating quizzes and other assignments. All levels of comfort with tech are welcome!

Session Recording: Planning an Instructional Video

How to Spruce Up Your Presentations (July 7)

Explore tips and tricks to create captivating and effective presentations. Learn the strengths and weakness of the different presentation tools available online, such as Prezi, Piktochart, Microsoft Sway, and Canva. Use unique formats to emphasize your material, make your presentations personal and aesthetically consistent, and keep your information organized and accessible.

Session Recording: Designing a Presentation

Recording with Screencast-o-Matic (July 14)

Record your PowerPoint presentations with Screencast-o-Matic for asynchronous courses or projects. Easily organize your presenter's notes next to each slide, expand your recording window to as large or small an area as you want, and jump away from your presentation to outside images or animations as needed. Make your videos accessible with the speech-to-text function and add transitions between sections of your presentation.

Session Recording: Getting Started with Screencast-o-Matic

Easy Video Editing with WeVideo (July 21)

Learn how to master WeVideo and create engaging videos for your courses. Layer videos and slideshows with narration or music, record from your webcam, zoom and pan between media, and store your work online for collaborators to access and edit. Watch an in-depth demo of how to get started and use the program to its full potential.

Session Recording: Getting Started with WeVideo

Making Your Videos Interactive with EdPuzzle (July 28)

Use EdPuzzle to embed videos with checkpoints, notes, and quiz questions to monitor your students' comprehension. Modify videos of your own making or resources found online and turn videos into engaging, measurable assignments. 

Session Recording: Getting Started with EdPuzzle

Mapping with ArcGIS Online and StoryMaps (August 4)

Create interactive maps with ArcGIS and embed them into presentations and webpages. Zoom into and out of a map as needed, use data layers to organize information on your map, and share with others for easy collaboration. In addition, use StoryMaps to tell a linear narrative through map locations and infographics. Use for your own presentations or as a resource for student projects. 

Session Recording: Getting Started with ArcGIS Online and StoryMaps

Teaching with Wikipedia (August 11)

Teach students how to responsibly use Wikipedia. Explore the etiquette of the site's editing process, how to use a Talk page, and how to stay within the guidelines of what information is appropriate for Wikipedia. Learn about the ways students can get started as a contributor, course projects that use the site, and how to choose and use references for information added to Wikipedia.

Session Recording: Teaching with Wikipedia

Tips for Using Google Suite (September 1)

Learn how to use Google file sharing to efficiently and thoroughly organize information among large groups of people. Use Google Calendar to set up appointment slots and add video conferencing options through Google Meet for remote work. Master Google Forms as a survey or scheduling tool. 

Session Recording: Tips for Using Google Suites

New Moodle Features (September 8)

Explore the new and underutilized features of Moodle, including those that are especially useful for asynchronous or hybrid courses. Use course completion to track students' progress more closely--customize completion settings on reading and forum assignments, automate the release of future assignments based on student activity, and allow students to mark their class attendance on Moodle. Make group projects and discussions easier with Group Mode, and set up checklists to help students keep track of coursework. 

Session Recording: New Moodle Features

Capturing Quality Audio and Video (September 22)

Discuss tips and tricks for gathering high-quality audio and video for your projects. Learn how the CIP can help you get the right microphone and camera for your recording device, install quality software for both pre-recorded and live audio capture, and use best practices for audio recording. Discover tools for video production and editing, and learn about options for meeting accessibility standards with captions and transcripts. 

Session Recording: Quality Audio and Video

Easy Graphic Design and Infographics (September 29)

Learn how the user-friendly and web-based programs Canva and Piktochart can enhance your presentations, infographics, social media, resumes, and more. Color schemes, images, and icons make design easy, and a wide range of templates are available to be used as structural starting points for your graphics. View in-depth demonstrations of how to use Canva and Piktochart's many design features.

Session Recording: Graphic Design and Infographics

Mapping with ArcGIS (October 6)

View a more in-depth lesson on how to create interactive StoryMaps using ArcGIS Online software by Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute). Watch the development of several example maps, including features such as elevation, topography, and navigation. Learn how to access Esri's training courses for their mapping software, and see how maps can be incorporated into interactive presentations for lectures or student projects.

Session Recording: Mapping with ArcGIS Online

Easy Flowchart and Diagram Apps (October 13)

Discover tools for creating concept maps and flowcharts. Use Cmap to show relationships between ideas and provide multiple routes to understanding--easily link nodes and arrows to design a concept map. LucidChart can help create a flowchart to visualize processes; start with a wide variety of stylistic templates for customization. Learn how to determine whether your project would be best served by a concept map or by a flowchart.

Session Recording: Flowchart and Diagram Apps

Video Posts and Responses Using FlipGrid (October 20)

Use FlipGrid to allow students to submit video responses to a discussion question. Especially useful for asynchronous courses, FlipGrid lets users have a "face-to-face" discussion without meeting at a set time. Use filters, stickers, and effects on your videos and comment with either text, image, or video responses. Give feedback within FlipGrid and embed grading rubrics into discussion forums. 

Session Recording: FlipGrid