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The College’s goal is to provide the Class of 1973 with the best housing possible for its 50th Reunion. With that in mind, please enjoy the following housing options for your 50th Reunion. Reunion registration will open early for the 50th and 25th reunion classes beginning on Wednesday, Feb. 1

When a member of the Class of 1973 registers for Reunion, there will be a variety of types of housing available as part of their registration — single or double dorm room, group housing, local hotel and RV camping.

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Information about Housing & Dining

Browse the information below for details about housing and meal options. More information about housing can also be found by downloading two flow charts or visiting our more detailed webpage.

If someone on the Class of 1973 and Class of 1974 Reunion committee registers for local hotel housing, they will be assigned to the Kenyon Inn (unless otherwise requested). 

If someone from the Class of 1973 registers for the local hotel housing option, they will be assigned to a Mount Vernon hotel (e.g., The Grand, Mount Vernon Inn or Holiday Inn Express).

If someone from the Class of 1973 registers for a single or double dorm room, they will be assigned to Mather Hall. (Please note: Mather Hall has air conditioning but no elevator. First floor rooms can be made available if the registrant selects “ADA housing.” This hall has steps required to enter the building). 

If someone from the Class of 1973 registers for RV camping, their campsite will be near the baseball field on campus.

If someone from the Class of 1973 registers for group housing, they will be assigned to the North Campus Apartments, which have two sleeping configurations with multiple beds in a room. (Units sleep eight or four guests. Additional details below.)

Group Housing in the North Campus Apartments

The NCAs will only be available to the Class of 1973 when registration opens to this group on Feb. 1 and are first come, first serve as we have a limited quantity of NCAs. All other housing options will remain available until Reunion registration closes on Friday, May 5.

Please note, the NCAs need to be booked by one point-person in a group, with specific bed assignments decided by the group without input from the College. However, group housing is only available Friday-Saturday. In order to secure Thursday accommodations, each individual registrant will need to select a Thursday local hotel as well and pay for that night individually. Upon registration, registrants will be asked, “Will you require Thursday housing?” and will be prompted to select and pay for their Thursday hotel room separately from the Friday and Saturday NCA accommodations.

Please also note, the following considerations when selecting group housing in the NCAs: 

• If a registrant selects NCA group housing for Friday-Saturday, they will not be able to check in to the NCA until Friday. As part of registration, registrants will need to select an option for Thursday accommodations. In order to secure Thursday accommodations, each individual registrant will need to select a Thursday local hotel as well and pay for that night individually. Shuttle service to campus from Mount Vernon hotels will not be provided.

• One point-person per group will register/pay for the group's housing and will work with their classmates to determine how they want to organize their bed assignments. The group’s point-person should list all members of their housing group by first and last name within the space provided upon registration. Please note, all other members of the group should register themselves for their meals, etc. and in the housing section they should select, “Someone else has registered me for housing,” and list the name of the group’s point-person.

• The distance from the NCAs to the central part of campus is significant and something to be considered. Golf cart shuttles will run from Bexley Hall to the hospitality tent, however these golf carts are limited in the number of people they can transport and will only run from approximately 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

• The NCAs available during Reunion are not ADA compliant; most units have second and third floors with one bathroom on the second floor for all occupants to use. There are no individual bathrooms in each bedroom.

• The price of the NCAs is higher per night than a typical dorm room due to a variety of reasons, one being the additional maintenance and cleaning to prepare them for Reunion and also the additional amenities like a living room and a full kitchen.

• Senior students will be allowed to remain in their NCA until Wednesday before Reunion leaving limited time for repair and cleaning. Registrants should expect that NCAs will therefore be offered in “as is” condition during Reunion Weekend.


Kenyon Inn: $150 per night (double occupancy)

Local hotel housing for the 1973 Committee Members 

Group Housing (North Campus Apartments): $1,600 Friday - Sunday; $800 per night (eight-person occupancy unit); $800 Friday - Sunday; $400 per night (four-person occupancy units)

Reserved for the Class of 1973. Available Friday-Saturday only.

Dorm Room (Mather Hall): $60 per night (single occupancy); $70 per night (double occupancy)

Local Hotel: $150 per night (double occupancy)

Includes: Mount Vernon Grand, Mount Vernon Inn and the Holiday Inn Express

Meals may be purchased as an “all in” package at a discounted rate which includes all Reunion Weekend meals (Friday-Sunday brunch), with the exception of the All-Reunion Soiree on Saturday night and your class dinner (purchased separately). 

The “all in” package can be purchased individually for each attendee in a registration group so that registrants may select the appropriate price (adult/child) and share any dietary needs. The “all-in” meal pass will begin Friday morning and includes Friday breakfast, lunch and dinner; Saturday breakfast and lunch; and Sunday brunch. 

The All-Reunion Soiree is open to all alumni and their guests and the Peirce servery will be closed Saturday night. There will be other dining options in and around town. 

If registrants prefer to select meals individually, they may pay per meal/per person at the Peirce Hall servery door on the day (with the exception of Saturday dinner). A variety of food trucks will also be available on campus Friday and Saturday. 

Specialty meals include a class dinner on Friday for the Class of 1973 and the Saturday All-Reunion Soiree. Guests must purchase their own dinner ticket for the Class of 1973 dinner. The soiree is free to the 50th Reunion alumni, however guests will need to pay.  Please be sure to note any dietary requirements in the provided spaces when registering for meals. 

All-in adult (age 13+) meal package: $65 (Begins Friday, does not include All-Reunion Soiree)

Pay per meal at Peirce Hall: per meal 

Friday Class of 1973 dinner: free for class members, $65 for guests

Saturday night All-Reunion Soiree: free for the Class of 1973, $65 for guests

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Director of 50th Reunion Programs
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