Dear Fellow Kenyon Alumni,

It’s hard to believe that it has been twenty years since I attended my last class at Kenyon. Now, two decades later, I return to Gambier as president of the Alumni Council. My time at Kenyon was transformative and shaped much of who I am and what I do. Therefore, I take deep pride in giving back to the institution.

Many things contribute to the greatness of a college. One of the best indicators is the involvement and commitment of its alumni. The commitment of Kenyon’s alumni remains a strong and vital factor in the College’s continued rise in stature. The Alumni Council provides a formal means for alumni to participate in the affairs of the College. I invite you to take a few minutes to meet the members of the Council and review our Mission Statement. Through this webpage you will also be able to see Council Meeting Minutes, as well as upcoming meeting agendas.

The membership of the Council is a diverse group of committed volunteers. Each member contributes a unique perspective to our work in representing the vital community that is Kenyon. We take great pride in representing you, and do our best to stay in touch with the alumni community. For that reason, we welcome your ideas, concerns, or feedback. You can send them to We also invite your nominations for membership on the Council or Board of Trustees.

I encourage you to consider the many ways you can keep Kenyon in your life, and urge you to join Kenyon’s online community. It’s the easiest way to stay informed about events, people, and volunteer activities. Through these webpages, you’ll find links to your Class Agents, Regional Alumni Associations, Kenyon publications, the Kenyon Career Network, and Kenyon's Facebook page. You can also share your stories and memories of Kenyon online at

I gained so much during my four years on the Hill, but it is the many relationships I formed that continue to hold the most special place in my heart. As president of the Alumni Council, I look forward to strengthening these pre-existing bonds and forging new ones with alumni I have yet to meet. Thank you for staying connected with Kenyon and each other!

All the best,
Kamille A. Harless ‘99
Past President, Alumni Council