As an incoming Kenyon student, you can request a deferral to devote time to volunteering, working, interning, researching or traveling. In recent years, students have participated in a range of activities to enrich their Kenyon experiences, including:

  • Exploring the outdoors through a backpacking expedition or working at a national park.
  • Engaging with the world by participating in a study-abroad or intercultural exchange program.
  • Giving back to the community by volunteering at a nonprofit organization, hospital, school or shelter.
  • Supporting an issue they care about by joining a political campaign.
  • Sharpening their skills in a language immersion program or college-level course.
  • Gaining hands-on experience through an internship or research program.

Request a deferral

If you are interested in pursuing a gap year, please complete the deferral request form by May 24. Approved deferrals will be supported with a stipend of $10,000. Please note that we have a limited number of stipends available. If you have questions, please contact Chris Renaud, senior associate director of admissions, at

Note for the Class of 2026

If you are committed to attending Kenyon this fall, we are committed to providing you, your incoming classmates and all Kenyon students the highest-quality academic and residential experience. You will experience no changes to your class sizes, curricular offerings, housing options or dining experience.

How will the stipend be distributed, and is there a restriction on how it is used?

You will receive the $10,000 stipend in two installments: the first payment of $5,000 will be distributed in October 2022, and the remainder will be paid upon your re-enrollment in August 2023. There are no restrictions on how the stipend is used.

Will taking a gap year affect my financial aid package?

All domestic students seeking financial aid must reapply each year they’re at Kenyon. Unless your financial circumstances change, our commitment to meeting your financial need and the way in which we provide that funding will remain the same when you enroll in August 2023. If you are an international student, you do not need to reapply for financial aid, so your need-based package will not be affected.

Will taking a gap year affect my merit scholarship?

No. If you are a merit, talent or KEEP or STEM scholarship recipient, you will retain your award when you join us in Gambier in August 2023.  

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Senior Associate Director of Admissions
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