Project-based learning has been embedded in science departments at Kenyon for decades — just ask any student who has done research, coding or field work as part of their studies. These experiences are among the most impactful aspects of students' education. With the rise of inexpensive, easy-to-program microcontrollers such as Arduinos and Raspberry Pi boards, Kenyon has been able to add a significant new project opportunity for students in its electronics courses, an open-ended design and implementation project based on the use of an Arduino microcontroller.

Join Professor of Physics Paula Turner at this virtual event for evening "office hours." She'll tell you about the project assignment, show you some of the most recent batch of projects by students in Physics 382, and perhaps even introduce you to a few of the student makers in the course, if they happen to be around the physics basement that evening.

Kenyon is committed to creating inclusive events. This event will feature optional live streamed captions. Please contact us to discuss other access considerations needed to participate fully in this event.