Caroline Del Giudice ‘15 examines often-unquestioned biases through a combination of sculptures and interactive installations. By recontextualizing and reshaping familiar objects such as construction hats and tape measures, Del Giudice challenges the objectivity of personal ideology and instead explores the inherently subjective experience of perceiving and interpreting the world. In particular, Del Giudice’s work demands the audience to join her in that confrontation of personal belief by addressing issues such as media bias, social positionality, and echo chambers. Deeply critical and political, Del Giudice’s work asks each audience member to reckon with the complex relationship between systems of power and their own internalized beliefs.

About the series:

The Gund Gallery’s first-ever associate-curated alumnae artist series, “Alumnae: 50 Years,” celebrates five decades of women’s impact on Kenyon. As these artists return to their alma mater, we reflect on the ways in which the College influences and is influenced by its ever-changing student body. This series explores the interaction between bodies and the environments they inhabit, ranging from the body as an industrial being in the natural environment to a woman’s body as a commodity in the political arena. We hope that “50 Years” sparks an awareness of our roles as active participants in an ever-changing system, whether that be Kenyon or beyond.

We gratefully acknowledge that the curatorial research and concepts formulated in an alumnae show proposal by Professor of Art Marcella Hackbardt contributed to the development of this series of exhibitions.

The Gund Gallery exhibitions and programs are made possible, in part, by the Gund Gallery Board of Directors and the Ohio Arts Council.