Benjamin Meagher specializes in environmental, social and personality psychology. His current research interests include studying how individual differences in motivation and personality influence impressions of the physical environment, whether certain types of physical settings can help people perform and cope in more effective ways, and in what way the composition of a group — particularly in terms of its virtues — impacts the success or experience of individual members when they are together.

You can read more about Meagher's research at his website


2014 — Doctor of Philosophy from University of Connecticut

2011 — Master of Arts from University of Connecticut

2007 — Bachelor of Arts from Gordon College

Courses Recently Taught

Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. In this introductory course, we will explore a variety of areas in which psychologists conduct research: the biological foundations of behavior, sensory and perceptual processes, cognition, learning and memory, developmental psychology, personality and social psychology, psychological disorders, and variability in behavior related to culture. This course is only open to first-year and sophomore students. This counts toward the foundations requirement for the major. No prerequisite. Offered every semester.

This course introduces students to major approaches to understanding both consistencies in individual behavior and differences among individuals. Students will learn about historical and modern approaches to the study of personality with an emphasis on empirical research. The course will consist of lectures, in-class activities and class discussions. Students will hone their skills in the areas of critical evaluation of research, written and oral communication, visual literacy and quantitative reasoning. This counts toward the person and society requirement for the major. Prerequisite: PSYC 100 or 110 or AP score of 5. Generally offered every other year.