As of Sept. 15, Kenyon adjusted guidelines to respond to evolving COVID-19 conditions. Read COVID-19 Steering Committee Chair Drew Kerkhoff's message to the Kenyon community regarding these updated guidelines. 

With the enthusiastic response to our student vaccination requirement and high vaccination rates among faculty and staff, we are confident that Kenyon’s campus can remain safe and healthy as we return to Gambier for the 2021-22 academic year. Our ongoing mitigation efforts will continue to follow best practices outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with our state and local public health partners. This document provides guidance specific to campus events and visitors involving persons outside the Kenyon community.

Kenyon’s high campus-wide vaccination rates allow us to open our campus to a wider variety of campus events, activities, and visitors, including personal visits by the friends and family of students and staff, campus visits by prospective students and their families, and intercollegiate athletic competitions, as well as lectures, performances, readings, workshops, and other activities organized by students, faculty, and staff for the campus community.

Conducting these activities safely requires that we continue to communicate effectively with visitors and maintain an environment that minimizes the risk of infection. The following steps will help to keep the campus safe.

  1. All campus visitors must be informed about COVID-specific guidelines and policies, including the requirement to wear a mask indoors in the presence of others, effective Aug. 6. Visitors are expected to follow that guidance like any other member of the Kenyon community. Students and employees hosting personal or professional visitors should inform their guests about appropriate behavior as soon as they arrive on campus.
  2. All event spaces will have reduced occupant capacities (85% of maximum), in order to ensure that those who want or need to remain socially distant are able to do so. Students and employees scheduling events should be cognizant of these reduced room capacities when planning their events.
  3. All events that involve people coming from off-campus, whether as speaker/performer or audience member, must be designated on the master events calendar. 

By adhering to these guidelines, Kenyon will be able to foster a full calendar of events and visits that are personally meaningful, academically engaging, culturally rich, and entertaining, while still limiting the risk of virus spread.