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Timothy Bussey, associate director of diversity, equity, and inclusion, serves as the administrative liaison for the house. The house is maintained by student managers, and programming occurs with the help of a program board and interested students, faculty and staff, who are encouraged to join the board and to help facilitate the house goals.

Where You'll Find Us

Unity House is newly located behind Farr Hall at 100 E. Brooklyn St., Unit 2, and it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the academic year. The building is open for meetings and public use. House policies, mission statement and availability of facilities are available upon request from the house managers.

Introducing Unity House

At Unity House, we recognize that the LGBTQ+ community is an intersectional community with a number of diverse sexualities, gender identities and gender expressions. We honor the diversity of our community in both our programming and our physical space.

Within our physical space, we seek to celebrate this diversity by displaying pride flags from all segments of the broader LGBTQ+ community. You can view a variety of different pride flags in the Unity House windows. These range from the commonly recognized rainbow pride flag, a number of flags celebrating gender diverse populations within the broader trans community and more.

Recent Additions

As we seek to create an inclusive and welcoming space that acknowledges the intersectional diversity within the broader LGBTQ+ community, we actively seek to represent our community within Unity House. Recent additions to the Unity House flags have included the intersex pride flag and the Philadelphia pride flag, which were both added in fall 2018.

If you have an idea for a new flag to hang at Unity House, please email the student managers so that we can ensure this space represents the broader diversity of the LGBTQ+ community in an inclusive and visible way.

In response to the news that the federal government may shift its definition of gender, Unity House, along with campus partners like Gender Group, organized a panel discussion on transphobia and cis-allyship in fall 2018. The panel, which was comprised of student leaders, faculty and staff, attracted nearly 100 attendees.

Other programs have included a "cupcakes and condoms" event, where attendees designed condom wrappers for the ONE condom design contest and enjoyed a rainbow flag of cupcakes. Unity House was also an active organization that helped with planning both the Kenyon Queer and Trans Studies Conference and the campus visit from the National Center for Transgender Equality in spring 2019.

Unity House also hosted meetings and social gatherings where members of the campus’ LGBTQ+ community enjoyed their own social networks with queer and transgender peers.