Article 4: Advisor

Section 1: Selection

  • a. The advisor to the Student Council shall be assigned by the Vice President for Student Affairs of the College with the majority vote of the Student Council officers.
  • b. The voting members of the Student Council may call for a vote of no confidence of the advisor, as deemed necessary. The voting threshold shall be a simple majority.

Section 2: Powers and Duties

  • a. The Student Council advisor shall:
    • i. Serve as a non-voting executive officer.
    • ii. Be present at all meetings of the Student Council.
    • iii. Support the work of the Student Council and assist in the education of officer duties and responsibilities.
      iv. Maintain accurate records of Student Council financial and business matters.
    • v. Verify eligibility for officers during candidacy as well as to maintain position.
    • vi. Assign advisors to Student Council standing and ad hoc committees.

Section 3: Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Advisors

  • a. Standing and ad hoc committee advisors of the Student Council shall be held to the same expectations as the Student Council advisor for their assigned committee.