A billing invoice will be e-mailed to the individual(s) who has been identified by the student as being responsible for payment approximately 30 days before the payment due dates.

Mandatory Fees and Charges 2020-21


$27,360  ($30,400 less a one time credit of $3,040) for the beginning semester; $27,360  ($30,400 less a one time credit of $3,040) for the second semester.  2020-21 financial aid packages will be adjusted accordingly.

Board Charge

$3,705 for on campus semesters; $0 for remote ­semesters. This fee also covers the use of the College's commons rooms.

Student Activities Fee

$150  will be billed to students who are on campus for the semester. This fee is allocated by Student Council for its sponsored activities. The amount of this fee is established by referendum of the student body.

Room Rent

All students who will be on campus will receive single rooms in 2020-21;  the rate will be set at the residence-hall double occupancy rate of $2,710.  This will be charged as rent on the billings. 

Tuition for Guest Students

The tuition for a course taken for credit is $7,600 per semester. For a noncredit course, the tuition is $1,520 per semester. Guest students are those who apply for admission as guest students for the purpose of enrolling in a course on a credit basis or on an audit basis but are not considered to be degree candidates. Academic records of guest students are maintained on file on a permanent basis.

Optional Items and Other Fees

Optional K-Card Deposit

As a convenience to the students, the College will accept an advance deposit of $950 for on campus semester to be credited to the student's K-Card account. The K-Card can be used as a debit card for purchases at the following locations in Gambier; Kenyon College Bookstore, Campus Auto, the Gambier Deli, the Kenyon Inn,  the Village Market, the Village Inn, Chilitos, Wiggin Street Coffee and various laundry facilities. In Mount Vernon the Kenyon K-Card is accepted at Domino's Pizza, Marcos Pizza, Papa John's Pizza, Dave's Cosmic Subs, The Joint and Stein Brewing Company, Rite-Aid Pharmacy and CVS Pharmacy and On the Run Drive Thru. The College can accept deposits for amounts other than the billed fee. Additional K-Card information.

Optional Student Health and Accident Plan

The rate for the 2020-21 academic year is not yet final (estimated to be $2,500 for 2020-21). The Plan provides comprehensive coverage for hospitalization, including major medical coverage. The Optional Health Insurance coverage can be waived online. The waiver opening date information will be provided in mid-July;  waivers must be completed prior to August 15, 2020 at www.studentplanscenter.com if proof of comparable coverage can be provided.

Optional Tuition Refund Insurance

 This elective insurance plan is offered by A.W.G. Dewar. The rate for the 2020-21 academic year is $197 for students who are on campus; the rate is $159.00 for students who are studying remotely. Tuition refund insurance substantially increases the refund adjustments provided by the College (see "Refund Policy") so that students will receive a 75 % return in term fees, less any refund or credit due from the College, in the event of withdrawal due to illness or accident. The optional tuition refund insurance must be waived online no later than August 31 2020 at www.tuitionrefundplan.com.  The waiver site is scheduled to open Aug 1, 2020. The plan provides coverage for billed tuition, room, board, and student activities fee. Room-rate coverage is restricted to the standard residence hall double-occupancy fee and is not adjusted for variations in the student's actual living arrangement. 

Private Instruction in Music

A student may earn credit for each private instruction course taken in music. The fee for each course in voice or instrumental instruction is $560 (.25 unit of credit) or $280 (.13 unit of credit). The billing policy for private instruction in music is as follows:

Lessons: Amount Billed

  • After one lesson 8%
  • After two lessons 50%
  • More than two lessons 100%

This fee is waived for music majors who are taking required private instruction for credit toward graduation.

Supplemental Programs

On occasion, when there is sufficient interest, a department may offer supplemental programs, such as horseback riding or advanced ballet, to augment its basic programs. Students who choose to enroll in these extra programs will be billed during the regular billing cycle for the associated cost of participation.

Transcript Fee

Student may receive a copy of a transcript of their academic records for a fee of $7.00 each. 

Student Automobile Permit Fee

$100 per semester, applicable to all students having automobiles on campus.

Student ID Replacement Fee

$25 per card

Course Change Fee

Course-change fees are assessed in accordance with the following schedule:

  • First seven class days -- No charge
  • Week 3 through 8 of classes -- $35
  • After week 8 -- No changes permitted

Improper Checkout Fee

Students who do not properly check out of their College residential space will  be charged an improper check out fee of $150. Extensions, if given, must be approved in advance by the Office of Residential Life and students may be charged $100 for each additional night until they vacate their room. Any of the student's possessions remaining on the premises after a student's check-out time will be deemed abandoned, and any cost incurred in removing the possessions will be charged to the student(s) assigned to that residential space.

Lost/Stolen or Unreturned Key Charge: If a College residential house, apartment, suite or room key is lost or not returned when the student is checking out of their residential space, the lock will be replaced and the student will be billed $150.00 per key for parts and labor.   

Senior Class Dues

The senior class determines how much it will ­assess each member of the class for activities held throughout the year, including Senior Week (the week immediately preceding graduation).  Senior dues in 2020-21 will be billed on the spring semester invoice.

Advance Payments

Entering-Student Deposit: Upon notification that a candidate has been admitted to Kenyon, they must return with the acceptance an advance payment of $350. This $350 will remain on deposit during the student's enrollment and will be credited in full to the student's billing account just prior to graduation or upon permanent withdrawal from the College to reduce any indebtedness. If, for some reason, the student never actually enrolls at Kenyon, the $350 is nonrefundable.


A student is not officially registered until all fees and charges are paid.

Transfer or Withdrawal: A student who wishes to transfer credits to another institution or to withdraw from the College must pay in full all indebtedness to Kenyon, including all amounts borrowed, before a transcript of the student's academic record will be issued or the request granted. Transcripts are not released until all payments are made.

Past-Due Accounts: In accordance with rules established by the Board of Trustees, an additional fee of 1.5 percent of the amount remaining unpaid at the close of business on the day on which it is due will be added to the balance of any account not paid when due. Registration for admittance to classes is not complete until the student's account is paid in full. In addition, any student whose bill is thirty (30) days past due may be suspended from all College privileges including admittance to classes and College residences until payment has been made. The 1.5-percent penalty will also be assessed against any account that receives credits for a Cashnet Tuition Payment Plan contract subsequently terminated for nonpayment (see "Monthly Payment Plan" for information on the Tuition Payment Plan administered by Cashnet).

Lockout Fee: $15 per occurrence.

Parking Fines: In order to control automobile traffic and parking on campus, various regulations have been established. Violators of these regulations are subject to monetary fines.

Damages: Students will be billed for the costs of repairs and replacements, as a result of damages to or destruction of College property, for which the student is responsible.

Library Fines: Library fines vary depending on the patron type, the lending policies of the Consortia and the material type.  

Returned Checks: A $30 handling charge will be assessed for all checks returned because of insufficient funds or other reasons.

Billing and Payment

Mandatory Student Fees and Charges: Tuition, room, board, and student activities fee are billed two times for 2020-21 as follows:

  1. Mid-August, due mid-September for first semester.
  2. Spring billing and due dates have not yet been determined.

In addition, three optional items, K-Card deposit, health and accident insurance and tuition refund insurance, are billed with the mandatory fees and charges.  K-Card deposit will be billed only to students who will be on campus.

Miscellaneous: Other fees, deposits, and fines incurred by the student will be billed monthly as they are received by the Accounting Office.

Monthly Payment Plan: Some parents may prefer to pay tuition and other fees in equal monthly installments during the year. The College is happy to offer this convenience through the Cashnet tuition payment plan. The College does not have an internally administered partial-payment plan.   More information about the tuition payment plan can be found here.

External Loans not Based on Financial Need: Kenyon College participates in several educational-loan programs that are not based on financial need. For more information about alternative student loan programs and the Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS Loan), please visit www.kenyon.edu/familyloans.xml.

Payment Options:

The payment of tuition and fees can be made by cash, check, credit card, ACH (e-check), bank wire or with a Cashnet tuition payment plan.  Because of limited hours in the accounting office as a result of Covid-19, we encourage families to make online payments if possible.

Cash, check or overnight payments should be mailed to:

Kenyon College
Student Accounts
209 Chase Avenue
Gambier, OH 43022

Online U.S. domestic payments by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and ACH (electronic check) are accepted and processed by Official Payments at www.officialpayments.com. Official Payments will charge a 2.65% convenience fee for debit and credit card transactions. The College does not receive the convenience fee. An ACH (e-check) option is offered at no cost.

International Payments: Flywire accepts payments made outside of the United States, allowing you to pay securely from any country and any bank, typically in your home currency. For more information visit www.flywire.com.

Bank wire: Contact the Student Accounts Office at 740-427-5178 for bank wire instructions.

Voluntary Non-medical Refund Policy: If a student chooses to withdraw for a non-medical reason during the first 60% of the semester, the College will pro-rate a tuition refund based on the percentage of the semester completed.  After 60% of the term has been completed, tuition for the semester will not be adjusted.  Board charges will be credited for the term based on the percentage of the semester completed.  Room rent and other fees and charges are not refundable.

Federal Refund Policy: Students receiving financial assistance under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, who withdraw during the first 60 percent of the semester (measured in calendar days) will be subject to a "Return of Title IV Funds" calculation to determine the portion of their federal student aid that must be returned to the federal government. Students who withdraw after the 60-percent point are considered to have "earned" all of their federal student aid. State aid reductions may also be required in ­accordance with each state's regulations.

Scholarships and Student Aid: A student receiving financial assistance from the College will have assistance applied to each semester, according to residency in 2020-21, against the required fees and charges (excludes the work study funds from which wages are paid directly to the student as earned). Scholarships or other awards made by institutions other than Kenyon must be paid to the College within thirty (30) days after fees and charges are due.

Residences: Because Kenyon is a residential college, all students live in College residences and eat in the College dining halls. Exceptions to this practice may be made only through written permission from the Dean of Students.

Information Requests: Questions or requests for clarification of charges or refund policies should be addressed to: Shirley F. O'Brien, Controller, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio 43022-9623. Email: obriens@kenyon.edu.