Deadlines for Incoming First-Year and Transfer Students

To apply for financial aid, complete the steps below.

  1. Indicate your intent to apply for financial aid when you complete your application for admission.
  2. CSS Profile (submit by November 15 for Early Decision 1 | January 15 for Early Decision 2 or Regular Decision | April 15 for Transfer applicants)
    Visit  to complete the CSS Profile. Include Kenyon's code (1370) in the school release section. There is a fee associated with filing the CSS Profile, which is automatically waived for many low-income filers.
    Divorced/separated parents: If your biological/adoptive parents are not married and do not reside in the same household, both parents must complete separate CSS Profile applications in order for you to be considered for financial aid from Kenyon. If you do not have contact with one of your biological/adoptive parents or cannot have that parent complete the CSS Profile, you can request that this requirement be waived .
  3. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    Visit to file the FAFSA and include Kenyon's school code (003065) in the school release section.
  4. Tax and Verification documents
    After submitting your application for admission, you will receive instructions to access your Kenyon admissions status portal. From here, you may upload required verification documents, including your parents' 2020 federal tax return and W2 forms. Please note that Kenyon does NOT participate in the College Board's IDOC service.

If the CSS Profile is received by the priority filing date above, responses to financial aid applications will be sent at the time of admission.

Deadlines for Incoming International Students

International students* applying for need-based financial aid are required to complete either the CSS Profile application (Kenyon code 1370) or the International Student Financial Aid Application by January 15 for Regular Decision. For Early Decision 1, the deadline is November 15. For Early Decision 2, the deadline is January 15.  

* International students living in the United States or Canada must complete the CSS Profile application to be considered for need-based assistance and are not eligible to use the ISFAA form.

If submitting the International Student Aid Application, please wait for a link to upload your form to the Kenyon Admissions Portal which becomes available AFTER you submit the application for admission.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid for any questions you may have regarding financial aid at Kenyon.

Please remember the family contribution will remain constant in future years unless there are documented special circumstances. If you were admitted to Kenyon College without financial aid, you are not eligible to be considered for financial aid during your four years at Kenyon unless your family experiences a catastrophe and documented change in circumstances.

Financial Aid for Returning Students

Returning domestic students must submit the FAFSA (priority deadline is April 17) to be considered for need-based financial aid. Additional verification documentation, including parent tax returns and W2 forms, must also be submitted through the student's Financial Aid Portal

Returning Students: Noncustodial Parent Statement (NCPS)

Noncustodial parents are asked to complete the CSS Profile only once during the student's four years.  Returning students applying for aid for the first time may be asked to submit either the CSS Profile or a Noncustodial Parent Statement. This would also be true in cases where there is a new divorce/separation.  


Kenyon's FAFSA Code: 003065

Kenyon's CSS Profile Code: 1370