On-campus student employment is an important factor for both students and the College employer. For students, it means financial assistance as well as a valuable work/educational experience. For employers, it provides the kind of help needed for peak periods and other situations where full-time, regular employment would be impractical. It is, therefore, a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Note to students: To become eligible for student work, you must first verify your eligibility to work within the United States with the Office of Student Employment. For convenience, you are able to complete this step at any time, even prior to accepting a position. For more information, read Employment Forms and Eligibility below.

Information for Students & Student Workers

Use these resources to maximize your chances of landing a job on campus.     

Handshake Tutorials  

How to Find Student Employment Jobs in Handshake

How to Apply to Student Employment Jobs in Handshake


Application Resources

Resume Resources

Cover Letter Resources 

Interviewing Resources



Apply to multiple positions. Some jobs have higher demand than others. Applying to multiple positions increases your chances of landing a position.

Take time to craft a strong resume and thoughtful cover letter. You can ask for virtual feedback from the CDO on your materials prior—even if you are an incoming first-year student! Submit your materials here to request CDO feedback.

If you intend to work on campus at some point during your four years at Kenyon, plan to bring the required documentation to prove eligibility to work in the United States. Eligible documents can be found on Page 3 of the I-9 form. Once you present these forms to the Office of Student Employment, you will not need to present them again as long as they do not expire during your time at Kenyon.

It's always a good idea to discuss your job search approach with a member of the Career Development Office counseling staff. You can schedule appointments here if you have an active Handshake account or by emailing cdo@kenyon.edu.


To be eligible for student work, you must verify your eligibility to work within the United States by presenting original documentation (photocopies and faxed copies of documents are expressly prohibited) required on page 3 of the I-9 form. You can present these to the Office of Student Employment at any time, even prior to accepting a job, and you will not need to present them again so long as the documents do not expire during your time at Kenyon.

International students must obtain a Social Security Card in order to work. The Center for Global Engagement assists students in filing the appropriate applications.


Students will need to fill out the following four forms and turn them in to our office shortly after being hired to confirm their student employment placement. Communicate with your student employment supervisor if you cannot complete these forms within a week of receiving your offer:


Federal W-4

State IT-4

Direct Deposit Form

Along with these forms, you must present original documentation (photocopies and faxed copies of documents are expressly prohibited) confirming your eligibility to work in the United States, unless you did so previously. (Examples of proper identification may be found on page 3 of the I-9.) Failure to do so is against federal law and will delay your direct deposit. 


Students are paid on a bi-weekly schedule

You may enter your hours daily or wait until the end of the pay period, but please make sure not to hit the "Submit" button in the time sheet program until you are sure that you have entered all your hours for the designated pay period.

Online time sheets must be completed correctly and submitted to the supervisor/employer by the scheduled deadline in order to be processed on time. Time sheets must have the supervisor's approval (or the approval of a designated alternate) to be processed according to the schedule.

Please refer to the payroll schedule to see time sheet deadlines. You must submit your hours by the time sheet submission deadline or you will be locked out of your time sheet and may not get paid for those hours until the following pay period. If you realize you missed the deadline and did not submit your hours, contact your supervisor as soon as possible.  

How to Submit

If you are currently on campus, go to your Personal Access Pages and log in.

If you are currently off campus, you need to log in through this off-campus access page.

You must log in using your User ID and PIN. This is not the same as your network or email login. If you have trouble logging in, please contact helpline at 740-427-5700.

On the main menu, click Employee. From the list that appears, choose Time Sheet.

In the "Time Sheet Selection" screen, choose the position you want to enter time for under the My Choice heading, making sure that the Pay Period is the current one for entering time.

Once the time sheet is visible, you can enter time each day by clicking Enter Hours for the relevant day.  To enter an amount of time that falls short of or goes over the exact hour, use this chart to calculate your time.

Please do not change the "SHIFT" number that appears in the box above the "HOURS" box. This must be left as the number one (1).

Click the SAVE button after entering all hours for the day or pay period. Please do not click on the "Submit for Approval" until the end of the pay period.

Once you submit your timesheet for approval you will get a message that your timesheet was submitted successfully. You are done with this timesheet. If you have other timesheets for other jobs, you need to submit them separately.

If you failed to submit your time sheet before the cut-off date:

Three possible scenarios create three different follow-up procedures on your part.

1. You entered all hours but you forgot to submit your time sheet: Email Amanda Moran at moran3@kenyon.edu and ask her to submit your time sheet on your behalf.

2. You entered some hours, but not all hours worked, but forgot to submit your time sheet: Email your supervisor that you didn't get all of your hours entered. Send them the hours you worked each day or just the hours that you didn't get listed on the time sheet.

3. You hadn't even started to enter hours on your time sheet yet and the submission date passed, locking you out of the time sheet: You can either email your supervisor the list of hours you worked and ask them to contact Amanda Moran about opening your time sheet so the supervisor can enter your hours for you. Or, you can enter the hours in one lump sum on any date of the current pay period and then list the breakdown of that sum in the comments section of the time sheet.  

Kenyon College provides part-time student employment opportunities through the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) and Kenyon College employment. The main objective of the student employment program is to provide job opportunities for students that enable them to concentrate on studies, yet earn money for educational expenses. 

About Employment

Employment on campus is NOT guaranteed for any student. The Office of Student Employment maintains this website to assist students in their search for a position. 

Persons eligible for student employment must be currently enrolled at Kenyon College and matriculated.

All non-matriculated persons must apply for non-student employment with the department of Human Resources.

Students who have withdrawn (or been withdrawn) lose any campus employment through the Office of Student Employment effective upon withdrawal date.

Academics should take top priority while classes are in session. If a student is placed on conditional enrollment (Kenyon's academic probation status), s/he should consider speaking with your supervisor about taking a break from student employment until satisfactory academic progress is met.

Labor Practices

Student employees are not paid for time not worked. Students do not receive paid vacation days, sick days, personal days, holidays, or benefits. If a student is not working during the scheduled time, they must indicate this on the timesheet. Students do not get paid breaks or lunches. All time off should be discussed in advance and approved by the supervisor. Student employees are expected to contact their direct supervisor to report tardiness or absence. 

Student employees generally are not permitted to work at Kenyon more than 20 hours per week during the academic year (40 hours per week during the summer months). Departments may reduce student hours to comply with Kenyon's policies. Federal work-study award recipients who earn their maximum award amounts in the corresponding academic year will convert from federal work-study payment status to Kenyon employment payment status to meet federal guidelines.  Our policy on state unemployment insurance is that student employment status is temporary, does not contain any provisions for fringe benefits or holiday or overtime pay, and is contingent upon available funds. Student employees are an exempt class under the employment and training law and do not qualify for unemployment insurance.

Title IX

All Kenyon College employees have been designated as Responsible Employees under Title IX. As part of this responsibility, each student employee is required to complete this Google form.

The Civil Rights Office will coordinate with the leadership in the various divisions/departments to schedule an in-person Civil Rights training for the employees of the division/department. 

As a Responsible Employee, you are required to report any Title IX violations reported to you or that you personally observe, to the College's civil rights/Title IX coordinator, Samantha Hughes (hughess@kenyon.edu or 740-427-5137), Department of Campus Safety (740-427-5000), or your immediate supervisor as soon as possible. Additionally, all employees are required to report instances of suspected child abuse in accordance with the Ohio Law.  

Heidi Norris

Student Employment Coordinator
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Chalmers 253

Additional Contact Information

Office of Student Employment
Chalmers Library, 103 College Drive, Gambier, Ohio 43022
740 427-5659 | stuemp@kenyon.edu